ESP-T2 Safety Speaker Terminal

Quickly install and/or remove subwoofer boxes with the safety speaker terminal: the ESP-T2 consists of an outlet with a plug and high current double pins for the woofer (2 bananas for PLUS, 2 bananas for MINUS) and is therefore perfectly suited for speaker wires up to 8 mm. Because of the asymmetrical shape of the plug housing, accidential reverse polarity connection is prevented. The ESP-T2 has an additional port to connect the 12 V wire needed to drive LED lighting (for illuminated boxes).

ESP-T101 Port

Rugged ABS port (consisting of 3 parts) for the tuning of bandpass and bassreflex subwoofer enclosures. In order to eliminate port noise, the front and rear sections of EMPHASER’s ESP-T101 are widely rounded. Total length 310 mm, variable from 80 to 300 mm, inner ø 100 mm, mounting hole ø 135 mm.

ESP-PLC Power/Line Connector

The power/line connector, protected by worldwide patents, perfectly solves the problem how to plug and unplug powered trunk subwoofers in only a few seconds.
The ESP-PLC allows to connect two power cables – up to 20 mm² –, one remote lead and one stereo RCA interconnect cable. The plug features mechanical reverse polarity protection. All connectors are made of solid gold plated brass, to ensure low contact resistance.