G5 Bandpass Trunk Boxes: EBP110T-G5/EBP112T-G5

  • Features

    • Compact bandpass boxes with high SPL capability
    • Equipped with EMPHASER X-Treme G5 10“/25 cm or 12“/30 cm woofer: massive, die-cast aluminum basket with generous rear ventilation, oversized ferrite magnet, rigid paper cone, butyl rubber surround, 4-layer wound voice coil made of copper
    • Premium MDF enclosure with black felt cover
    • 8 mm acrylic glass window
    • Slot port with large opening cross section
    • White LED interior illumination
    • EMPHASER ESP-T2 Quick Connect terminal
  • Productinformation

    Both compact bandpass models of the X-Treme series distinguish themselves with sprawling bass levels with low power requirements, a very high load capacity and reliability, as well as premium workmanship and an extremely moderate price for this class.
    In the trunk boxes of the T-G5 series, bass drivers that have been specifically optimised for the use in this bandpass application are at work: a 10”/25 cm or 12”/30 cm woofer that operate in the enclosures that have been perfectly tailored to the heavy duty driver.
    Maximal final sound pressure level and high efficiency – this is what both hard core woofers in the T-G5 boxes and their features stand for: massive rear-ventilated aluminium die-cast baskets, oversized ferrite magnets, stiff paper cones suspended in durable butyl rubber surrounds, heat-resistant 4-layer wound voice coils out of copper, and die-cast speaker terminals.
    EMPHASER’s boxed subs present themselves with a sophisticated modern design with white LED internal illumination that lights up the front chamber. The intricately crafted enclosures are made of stable MDF material with a felt cover and aluminum lamination on the inner walls. Stable acrylic glass windows let you have a look at the impressive bass driver. 
    The large-scale slot port that covers the complete front width of the enclosure provides an optimal coupling of the driver to the air column in the port. The result: a rich punch and impetuous efficiency –  without air-flow noises even at the extreme levels that both models have been designed for.
    The G5 bass speakers are equipped with the high-priced ESP-T2 Quick Connect terminal. It is countersunk on the left side of the rear wall and eases installation or the removal of the enclosure while enabling a connection protected from polarity reversal. Designed with a space-saving rear wall slant, the compact power speakers can be installed directly leaned onto the rear seats.

  • Manual/Datasheet

ESP-T2 Quick Connect terminal

Technical Specifications EBP110T-G5 EBP112T-G5
Peak Input Power 1000 Watts 1200 Watts
Nominal Power Handling 600 W RMS 800 W RMS
Frequency Response (-3 dB in car) 25 – 100 Hz 20 – 100 Hz
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms 4 Ohms
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 91 dB 93 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 465 x 435 x 355 555 x 450 x 395