Impulse P6 Active Trunk Box: EBR112-P6A

  • Features

    • Ported trunk box loaded with 12“/30 cm woofer
    • Driver with large double magnet
    • MDF cabinet with internal cross bracing
    • Slot port design with 90 cm2 cross section
    • Built-in MOS-FET class A/B amplifier
    • Variable 12 dB/oct. lowpassfilter
    • Integrated bass boost
    • High-level inputs with auto turn-on/off
    • LED illuminated woofer/grille assembly
    • Compact external bass level remote control
  • Productinformation

    EMPHASER’s 30 cm/12” active subwoofer is a powerful bass box, an easy to install plug-and-play solution that fortifies every car audio system with a masterful low frequency extension and bass pressure.
    The EBR112-P6A owes its power to the punchy bass driver – equipped with die-cast aluminium basket, large dual magnet and a light, stiff cone –, and the integrated powerful MOS-FET class A/B amplifier, which fires this enclosure sub with 290 watts peak to guarantee an impressive sound level.
    A particular design detail of the MDF cabinet construction is the slot port opening that ends on the backside of the cabinet top: With a large opening cross-section of 90 cm2 a low tuning frequency has been realized. The result of this can be verified with a short listening test: little to no compression at very high playback levels, i.e. no distortion of bass lines by port noise and air turbulence.
    Due to the enclosure construction, where the slot port runs up from the cabinet bottom over the rear wall to its outlet on the top wall, the cabinet rear wall benefits from a bracing effect that reduces unwanted panel vibrations. A stable perforated metal screen protects the woofer cone from damage and reveals just enough of this lavish bass driver: a visual highlight, emphasized by a cone illumination with white LED stripes, mounted around the woofer in the front panel.
    A special feature that considerably facilitates the universal deployment and installation of this bass box is the presence of high-level inputs with auto turn-on/off function. This allows the EBR112-P6A to be combined with factory radios that do not have an amp remote output.
    Of course, EMPHASER’s active subwoofer comes with all the necessary setting options onboard: These include a variable lowpass filter, bass boost and a compact external bass level remote control.

  • Manual/Datasheet

Integrated power control terminal

Technical Specifications EBR112-P6A
Frequency Response 20 – 180 Hz
Amp module nominal power 1 x 180 W RMS @ 4 Ω (< 0.3% THD/14.4 V)
Amp module max. power 1 x 290 W RMS @ 4 Ω (< 3.0% THD/14.4 V)
Variable lowpass filter 40 Hz – 180 Hz with 12 dB/oct.
Variable bass-boost 0 – 9 dB
RCA, variable input sensitivity 165 mV – 5 V
High-Level, variable input sensitivity 1.0 V – 10 V
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 580 x 380 x 440