Impulse P6 Ported Trunk Boxes: EBR110-P6/EBR112-P6

  • Features

    • Ported trunk box loaded with 10“/25 cm or 12“/30 cm woofer
    • Driver with double-magnet and 2 x 2 ohms dual voice coil
    • MDF cabinet with internal cross bracing
    • Enclosure tuning optimized for high bass output
    • Slot port design with 70 cm²/90 cm² cross section
    • Space saving sloped rear wall design
    • Woofer protection with sturdy metal grille
    • LED illuminated woofer/grille assembly
    • EMPHASER ESP-T2 Quick Connect terminal
  • Productinformation

    Maximum power and maximum sound quality – the outer dimensions of the two EMPHASER Impulse P6 bass reflex boxes make it clear, that this line stands for high acoustic output: power that supports the drivers on their backside with the required box volume. While the 10”/25 cm model already generates rich bass pressure, the 12”/30 cm item ranks in the “top tier”.
    The enclosure and the bass driver were developed in parallel; the woofer drive data was specially optimized for the ported tuning to render high efficiency. The woofers use die-cast baskets and relatively light but rigid paper cones and large double magnets. Dual voice coils with 2 x 2 ohms impedance allow a universal combination with mono or stereo amps, where especially 2-CH amps in bridge mode benefit the most.
    A particular design detail of the MDF cabinet construction is the slot port opening that ends on the backside of the cabinet top: With large opening cross-sections of 70 cm² and 90 cm² a low tuning frequency has been realized. The result of this can be verified with a short listening test: little to no compression at very high playback levels, i.e. no distortion of bass lines by port noise and air turbulence.
    Due to the enclosure construction, where the slot port runs up from the cabinet bottom over the rear wall to its outlet on the top wall, the cabinet rear wall benefits from a bracing effect that reduces unwanted panel vibrations. A stable perforated metal screen protects the woofer cone from damage and reveals just enough of this lavish bass driver: a visual highlight, emphasized by a cone illumination with white LED stripes, mounted around the woofer in the front panel.
    Both bass boxes are extremely stable in the bass and low bass region, their excellent efficiency allows them to do the business exceedingly well, especially at higher volumes.

  • Manual/Datasheet

Impulse P6 Ported Trunk Boxes

EBR110-P6, Ø 25 cm/10"  ·  EBR112-P6, Ø 30 cm/12"

LED illuminated woofer/grille assembly

Technical Specifications EBR110-P6 EBR112-P6
Peak Input Power 400 W 500 W
Nominal Power Handling 200 W RMS 250 W RMS
Frequency Response (-3 dB in car) 30 – 100 Hz 20 – 100 Hz
Nominal Impedance 2 x 2 Ohms 2 x 2 Ohms
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 86 dB 89 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 480 x 340 x 390 580 x 380 x 440