Impulse P6 Woofers: EI10-P6/EI12-P6

  • Features

    • Die cast aluminum basket
    • Strontium ferrite ceramic double magnet
    • Polypropylene injection cone
    • Butyl rubber surround
    • Nomex spider
    • 2”/51 mm Kapton voice coil former
    • 4-layer copper voice coil
    • Extended center pole
    • Center pole vent
    • Rubber front gasket
    • Push terminal
  • Productinformation

    The Impulse woofers of the 6th Generation are new developments: realized with the best components and optimally prepared for their bass acts on the move.
    EMPHASER’s all-round woofers feature open structure die-cast aluminum baskets for improved air exchange. The injection molded polypropylene cones stand out with their excellent mass/stiffness ratio: They are light – to follow fast impulses – but also very stiff to deal with acceleration forces, withstanding cone break up effects. The cones are suspended in large durable butyl rubber surrounds, that allow high cone deflection.
    Nomex spiders provide a taut suspension and precise guidance of the moving assembly – where the long service life expectancy is one welcome side effect. Double magnet systems as well as 2“/
    51 mm voice coils provide powerful cone acceleration and pretty high efficiency as well.
    The P6 woofers had particular attention applied to details which affect the service life: Despite the moderate prices, all materials are well chosen and free from obvious concessions on quality. Or where in this price range, can you find woofers that deploy Nomex spiders, high temperature voice coils on Kapton formers and deep-drawn pole plates with an extended center pole?
    The Impulsive woofers impress with high resilience and very practical T/S-parameters: With a Qts of 0.40, both P6 models will fit to most cabinets and install options, no matter if they are used in free air, closed box, vented or bandpass enclosures. EMPHASER’s all-rounders do offer – beat by beat – striking bass performances.

  • Manual/Datasheet


Ei10-P6, Ø 25 cm/10" ·  Ei12-P6, Ø 30 cm/12"

Technical Specifications EI10-P6 EI12-P6
Nominal Power Handling 200 W RMS 250 W RMS
Frequency Response 25 – 100 Hz 20 – 100 Hz
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms 4 Ohms
Voice Coil Diameter 2"/51 mm 2"/51 mm
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 86 dB 89 dB
Cutout Diameter 228 mm 275 mm
Mounting Depth 138 mm 152 mm