Competition Driver: E15NEO-COMP

  • Features

    • Massive, deep drawn aluminium die-cast basket with well thought-out ventilation and cooling
    • Unbelievably strong 216 oz. (= over 6 kg) neodymium magnet comprised of 6 segments
    • Massive copper short circuiting rings against self induction (Faraday & Kellog)
    • Stiff, very lightweight compound fibreglass cone with a carbon dust cap
    • Broad polyether surround, sewn together with the cone for increased structural strength
    • Four large Nomex centring spiders (2 x 2 quad)
    • 3.5“/89 mm double voice coil with 2 x 2 ohms nominal impedance, 4 layer, 45 mm high CCAW voice coil, laminated black anodised aluminium voice cole carrier
    • Precisely milled front pole plate, rear pole plate with large center core drill hole
    • Push-terminals for large gauge speaker wires
  • Productinformation

    EMPHASER’s 15”/38 cm E15NEO-COMP is built to win SPL competitions. The woofer’s motto is: “Spare no resources” – and the price is irrelevant.
    The E15NEO-COMP uses an unbelievably strongly driven 216 ounces (= over 6 kg) neodymium magnet comprised of 6 segments. The neodymium drive is equipped with massive copper short circuit rings against self induction (Faraday & Kellog): They contribute to the stabilisation of the magnetic field and to audibly minimise the total distortion level.
    The massive deep drawn aluminium die-cast basket of the bass giant allows for extreme cone excursions in both directions. Large windows protected by grilles in the basket below the centring provide optimal air circulation.
    EMPHASER’s competition woofer uses a light, very stiff fibreglass cone with a carbon dust cap. The wide surround is made of polyether – optimally suited for a maximum movement control of the cone.
    Four large Nomex spiders (2 x 2 quad) are used in the E15NEO-COMP: These guarantee an absolutely linear and precise guiding of the voice coil system. The progressive spider characteristic significantly increases the load and ensures that distortions are completely eliminated.
    A further highlight is the double voice coil that is very generously sized with a diameter of 3.5”/89 mm and has 2 x 2 ohms nominal impedance. The carrying material is laminated black anodised aluminium, a material that dissipates heat very well. The E15NEO-COMP uses copper-clad aluminium wire (CCAW) for the 45 mm high, 4-layer coil: A weight advantage that is noticeable in its higher efficiency.
    The features of the hard core driver speak a clear unambiguous language that is reflected in the performance data: In a suitable ported enclosure, the short-term load capacity of the E15NEO-COMP is over 10 kW. The B/L of over 40 (with dual voice coil connected in series = 4 ohms) resulting from the extreme drive is just as unique as the reference level of efficiency of 93.5 dB with an Xmax of 20 mm!

  • Manual/Datasheet/Testreport

EA2260s S-Type Power Amplifier

E15NEO-COMP, Ø 38 cm/15"

Technical Specifications E15NEO-COMP
Continuous Power Handling* 2500 W RMS
Peak Power Handling* 5000 Watts
Usable Frequency Response* 20–150 Hz
Nominal Impedance 2 x 2 Ohms
Voice Coil Diameter 3,5"/88.6 mm
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 93.5 dB
Cutout Diameter 358 mm
Mounting Depth 249 mm
*Exact performance data depending upon actual enclosure!