S6 Coaxial/Triaxial Systems

S6 Coaxial Systems

ECX100-S6 Ø 10 cm/4"

S6 Coaxial Systems

ECX130-S6 Ø 13 cm/5,25"

S6 Coaxial Systems

ECX160-S6 Ø 16 cm/6,5"

S6 Coaxial Systems

ECX146-S6 10x15 cm/4 x 6"

S6 Coaxial Systems

ECX157-S6 13x18 cm/5 x 7"

  • Features

    • Compact basket construction in Euro-DIN format with vented cavity below spider
    • Strontium ferrite magnet, rubber boot (removable)
    • Woven glassfiber cone, butyl rubber surround
    • 25 mm voice coil on Kapton former
    • 19 mm aluminium dome tweeter, 2-way models with swivel dome
    • Specially designed mid/woofer grilles
    • Gold-plated terminal pins
  • Productinformation

    The coaxial systems of the 6th Generation convince with the combination of high quality components and a first-class build quality. They are uncompromising as far as power handling is concerned, but also impress with a extremely detail-rich sound performance.
    Beside the efficiency, maximum output and audiophile sound quality of the S6 coaxials, the universal installability is also an outstanding feature in the design of this speaker series. The coaxials of the 6th Generation are easy to install and, because of their minimal depth, fit with ease into the original openings of almost every vehicle despite the high-performance ferrite magnets.
    The mid/woofers use compact, well-ventilated Euro-DIN baskets with an acoustically optimized design. All models are equipped with woven fiberglass cones that guarantee linear frequency response free of cone resonances, for a natrual mid-range reproduction, which is transaprent and free of colorations.
    EMPHASER’s coaxials feature a ferrofluid cooled 19 mm tweeter with aluminum dome and neodymium magnet – a tweeter that not only sounds finely resolved and differentiated but is also integrated into the midwoofers to form a true coaxial design. Recessing the tweeter into the voice coil of the mid/woofer means that the tweeter unit does not project beyond the edge of the basket. In the case of the 2-way systems, the tweeter can also be aligned toradiate upward – a feature that improves the acoustics considerably in low down installation spaces.
    Typical EMPHASER details like the removable rubber magnet boot, gold-plated terminal pins and the specially designed grill cover underline once more the quality of these systems.

  • Datasheet

EA2260s S-Type Power Amplifier

Triaxial System: ECX369-S6, 15 x 23 cm/6 x 9"

Technical Specifications ECX100-S6 ECX130-S6 ECX160-S6 ECX146-S6 ECX157-S6 ECX369-S6
Nominal Power Handling 100 Watts RMS 120 Watts RMS 160 Watts RMS 120 Watts RMS 160 Watts RMS 300 Watts RMS
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 86 dB 88 dB 91 dB 88 dB 89 dB 93 dB
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms 4 Ohms 4 Ohms 4 Ohms 4 Ohms 4 Ohms
Frequency Response 85 Hz – 22 kHz 75 Hz – 22 kHz 55 Hz – 22 kHz 75 Hz – 22 kHz 65 Hz – 22 kHz 65 Hz – 22 kHz
Mounting Diameter 93 mm 116 mm 145 mm 10 x 15 mm 13 x 18 mm 15 x 23 mm
Mounting Depth 46 mm 59 mm 64 mm 53 mm 61 mm 75 mm