X-Treme T6 Woofers: EX10-T6/EX12-T6

  • Features

    • Die cast aluminum basket
    • Double stacked strontium ferrite magnet
    • Polycarbon Co-injection cone
    • Butyl rubber surround
    • Nomex double spider
    • 2.5”/65 mm (EX10-T6) and 3”/75 mm (EX12-T6) Kapton voice coil former
    • 4-layer copper voice coil
    • CNC machined pole plates
    • Extended center pole
    • Center pole vent
    • Rubber front gasket
    • Surelok screw terminal
  • Productinformation

    The X-treme T6 line combines what can be expected from a  power woofer: SPL technology based on an innovative design, realized with best components and materials, optimized for massive bass beats. Capable of a violent stage performance with high cone excursion and swallowing input from high power amps, the T6 will nevertheless also impress with small to moderate amplifiers.
    The X-tremes are optimized for installation in medium-sized bass reflex and band pass cabinets, yet they are also suitable for use in closed box systems.
    Die-cast aluminum baskets and large magnet motors form the ground base of each T6 woofer. The bold double magnets ensure high efficiency and sufficient power handl-ing for SPL applications. The basket design is addressing optimal air circulation and cooling of the voice coil by a open basket structure and backvented spider design.
    The X-tremes feature double spider suspensions, using black Nomex material with a relatively stiff suspension – combined with rather heavy carbon composite cones, both woofers will play very well in smaller enclosure volumes, retaining respectable low end extension.
    The high Mms (cone weight with air load) comes mainly from the deployed cone material: The extremely stiff carbon co-injection membranes guarantee precise undistorted bass, with dry kick – even at the highest bass playback levels. The 65 and 75 mm voice coils in conjunction with the truly fierce magnet motors and the 12 mm high front pole plates not only render impressive X-max values of 20 mm peak to peak. There is also sufficient efficiency present in smaller cabinet volumes.
    Other product details such as butyl rubber surrounds stitched to the cone, solid push terminals for large wire diameters and the chrome-plated and laser engraved back pole plates emphasize the quality of the two X-Treme woofers.

  • Manual/Datasheet

X-Treme Woofer

EX12-T6, Ø 30 cm/12"  ·  EX10-T6, Ø 25 cm/10"

X-Treme Woofer

X-Treme Woofer Technology

Technical Specifications EX10-T6 EX12-T6
Nominal Power Handling 500 W RMS 700 W RMS
Frequency Response 25 – 100 Hz 20 – 100 Hz
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms 4 Ohms
Voice Coil Diameter 2,5"/65 mm 3"/75 mm
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 87 dB 90 dB
Cutout Diameter 228 mm 275 mm
Mounting Depth 157 mm 168 mm